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Labradorite Bathtub


Labradorite Bathtub

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Find out all of the information about the GUIDERO Holland BV product: free-standing bathtub LABRADORITE GEMSTONE BATH. Hand crafted and hand-polished from a nice Peacock Blue Labradorite block. Perfect installation to get a modern bathroom. Rare eye catching gemstone.Modern Bathroom installation, blue granite labradorite bathtub, luxury bathroom. 

freestanding gemstone bath tub ... Variety of natural gemstone bathtub in agate, malachite, petrified wood stone, ... Labradorite Freestanding Bathtub BT-125. Dutch sculptor Jan-Carel Koster has created Gemstone Sculpture bathtub. The 3-person bath sculpture is made from 18000 kg labradorite  tone can be used to create a modern feel, or achieve a farmhouse look, making it an incredibly versatile way to enhance your bathroom. Exclusive freestanding vintage style bathtub in white quartz golden sparkle gemstone. All sides finished bathtub with golden plated brass claw foot.A blank sink in natural labradorite stone with beautiful blue flame creates a new look to a regular black stone. Add to cart. Monolithic bathtubs made of marble, onyx, stone or granite, with overflow, customized, realised in Italy for ... Bathtub realised with light Labradorite granite.

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