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Infinity Bathtub


Infinity Bathtub

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Infinity bathtubs afford multiple options for installation and design. Their top edge may be flush with a new stone, tile or wooden surround, or they can be dropped. We present you some beautiful bathroom designs with infinity bathtubs, that are dream of many people. If you want to add a touch of luxury and refinement in. An infinity tub or overflow bathtub is a soaking tub with an overflow channel built around the rim of it. The namesake refers to the fact that inside.


Infinity series bathtub unique ultra-quiet water circulation, heating and massage system, invites you to lie back and feel the tension and stress accumulated during. Most people have heard of infinity pools where the water appears to run right to, or over the edge of the pool with the optical illusion effect. The infinity bathtub 2  Bathroom Designs with Infinity Bathtubs. The bathroom always seems to be the last place in the house people will focus on when it comes to home designs.

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