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Custom Wood Bathtub

Custom Wood Bathtub


custom wood bathtub 

From our studio in Seattle, Washington, we can ship our custom wood bathtubs anywhere in the world. SCROLL DOWN for a list of retail locations where you can Seattle-based NK Woodworking & Design specializes in exquisitely designed custom staircases, but the firm recently started producing wooden Custom tubs. ofuro: japanese ofuro bathtub in hinoki wood handmade in Japan by bartokdesign Co. Enjoy soaking in Former Shipbuilder Creates Spectacular Wooden Bathtubs That Resemble Small Vessels · Former shipbuilder Nathie Katzoff creates custom.

NK Woodworking and Design specializes in making custom functional pieces of art, and their sleek wood bathtubs start at around $40,000. Have a luxury, non-standard bathroom thanks to a wooden bathtub, washbasin, and accessories ... Custom wooden bathtub made in Oak for Bania Hotel.Wooden bathtubs by Bath in Wood of Maine are handcrafted to order in our Swans Island workshop. Custom Ofuro Japanese tubs, single wooden bathtubs, Bath in Wood builds each of our wooden bathtubs by hand, enabling you to create the perfect custom wooden tub for your home.
To have one custom made, contact Nathie Katzoff at 206-504-3394. — European Style Custom Wooden Tubs by Bath in Wood of Maine. Artistry and comfort combine to spectacular effect in NK Woodworking and Design's (South Park, 1605 S 93rd St., Unit EG3; 206.486.3600) custom-made wooden  Custom Wood Bathtub - Relab Blog " NK Woodworking & Design – custom hand crafted wood bathtub collection .

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