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Bathtub Refinishing Lexington KY


Bathtub Refinishing Lexington KY
Bathtub Refinishing Lexington KY

Bathtub Refinishing Lexington, ky - Is your bathtub fading in color? Replacing your entire unit can be very expensive and sometimes you even have to tear off the gear to do so Maybe you think you can restore the luster color of your bathtub by working on it yourself. 


Thinking of improving yourself? We strongly recommend you do not. The refinement of the bathtub or re-glass is not a do-it-yourself project; this involves the use of powerful chemicals and substances that are beyond the skills and capabilities of most homeowners and untrained users.


Leave your bath cleaning job to an expert. They've experienced reviving porcelain, steel and fiberglass bathtubs, bathrooms, wall tiles, and table tops. These experts have capabilities that include offering discoloration of old tiles, bathtubs, and showers. they can fix cracks, chips, and fiberglass tubs and the bottom of the bathroom.

They also install a special claw leg tub in any size and any special color. "they will juggle by taking your tub of flaws and making them new again." They have many branch offices and all you need is to make one call away from making your bathtub new again.

This reconditioning service allows you to keep your old gear intact while giving you a new clean surface. With the glassed back original tub or sink, most of the work large or small can be completed on the same day or in two at most with only an additional 24 hours period required for the healing time. Tearing off old fixtures can keep your bathroom unused for a week or so.

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