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How to remove Power Director Watermark

How to remove Power Director Watermark

Watermark in Power Director application is a floating logo

Read by Power Director, where every time we do video editing the result will be the logo. In general Watermark in every digital work is very important, that is to show the identity of the person who created the author or if in application eg video editor is to show the identity of the application that edit the video The.

According to private admin Watermark is actually not necessary in the eliminated, ie to better appreciate the work of others. However, each person has a different view, some of which are disturbed by the Watermark because the editing results are less than the maximum or look unprofessional.

Watermark in Power Director application is there because we install from Google Playstore which is free version. To remove the Watermark is actually quite easy, we only need to install the KineMaster application which is prepaid version and then we get the Power Director Pro without Watermark and of course the features are more complete.

For friends who want to remove the Watermark from the Power Director application without having to have a prepaid version of the admin have the trick, that is to maximize the application that is already available in Google Playstore.

Piscay app is a photo editor app that you can download Via Google Playstore and app Apk Editor which is a APK builder app that you can download Via Google Playstore.

Steps to remove or remove a Power Director application Watermark

  • First Steps

How to remove Power Director Watermark

  1. Open the PicSay app and select Get a Picture.
  2. Select New Blank Picture, create a Size 130x35 with a transparent Background Color (opacity 0%) and Create, (the image will not be visible due to transparant).
  3. Export or save an image and don't forget to give it an easy-to-remember name. (To make it easier to search for images later save in Save picture to album then PicSay).

  • Step Two

How to remove Power Director Watermark

  1. Open the APK Editor app.
  2. Select Select Apk from APP and select the Power Director app.
  3. Select Simple Edit.
  4. Select the IMAGES option by sliding to the right.
  5. Scroll down until you see a picture named Ic_water_mark_hd. png.
  6. Once you've met tap the Pencil icon and look for an image created using the PicSay app, it's usually in the Pictures > PicSay folder.
  7. If it is Save and wait for the APK process to finish (let the screen turn on and keep the screen vertical).
  8. When you're done select Remove so that the new apps you create can be installed.
  9. If you've selected install and wait for it to finish.

How easy is it?

A few articles from me about the tutorial how to remove or remove Watermark Power Director, hopefully useful for those of you who read. Thank you for stopping by, if any less understand can be asked in the comments.

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