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How to create a silhouette image on Android

How to create a silhouette image on Android

Silhouette images are the effects produced in photography due to the considerable differences between the main object's light and the background or background such as the shadow image. If according to the art of the image, the silhouette can be interpreted as an object consisting of a margin or outline and an inner field or an interior where the resulting image is generally plain black. The art of silhouette itself is very popular and is great for shaping the face structure of people from the side e.g. hair, forehead, nose, mouth and chin.

Surely, temen-temen still remember in Pas Mantab in one of the private television railway, at every end of the guest show is definitely given a keepsake gift in the form of silhouette images. In this article I will share tutirial how to create a silhouette image on Android of course by editing a variety of photos that friends have or photos with your own face into a silhouette photo. function of image or photo silhouette itself is you can use for various kinds of creativity such as making screen printing on the shirts with pictures of your own face.

Apps you need

  • Eraser app is an app to delete or crop a photo's background, if you don't have it, you can download it on Google Playstore.
  • The PicSay app is to create a silhouette effect, if you don't already have it downloaded on Google Playstore.

The steps

  • Open the Eraser app and select Load a photo and select photos, for the best results admin suggestions use photos of your face that focus from the side.

  • After editing erase the background photo, open the PicSay app select Get a Picture.
  • Select a photo from the Eraser app.
  • Select the Effect menu and then select Black & White.
  • For silhouette of the black color shift the cursor to the right to full or 255, for the white color slide cursor left until 0.

The result of a silhouette image you can give the background with your own chosen Backgroud in a way.

  • Open the PicSay app select Get a Picture Select the image or background photo of your choice.
  • Select the Effect menu then Insert Picture.
  • Select the silhouette image and position it as you wish then save it.

Or it could be when you finish creating a picture or photo silhouette, the result can be a picture on the shirt that can be directly to the place of the shirt. Or you can get creative by having your own.

A few articles from me on how to create a silhouette image on Android, hopefully useful. Thank you for visiting, if you have any questions you can comment on the place you have provided.

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