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How to Change your Facebook ID or Username

How to Change your Facebook ID or Username

After we have finished creating a Facebook account automatically we will get the name and user ID, where the name is the identity that could be the same as other Facebook users and ID is the identity of the username or Username or link URL addresses that are unlikely to have similarities from other Facebook users. For example,

The ID or Username works to connect directly to your Facebook profile, such as making it easier for someone to search and go directly to our profile, for identification of apps or online games connected to our Facebook and other Etc.

Facebook by default gives the ID or Username according to the name that we registered when we first created a Facebook account, which is a combination of the First Name with the last names. For how to know the name of your ID, go to Facebook then profile and look at the contact Info page, example:(/domainname.domainname).

For friends whose ID or Username in his Facebook account is still random because when first registering Facebook origin name, it can change or change it so that the Facebook ID is more neat and easy to remember.

Before to the tutorial I remind first, change the Facebook ID can only be done through Facebook Web or Facebook with desktop/computer display and can not be done through the original Facebook application or Facebook Lite. But quiet to, For users of Android smartphones nor Ios can still without having to go to the Warnet.

How to change ID or Username on Facebook

  • Open the Google Chrome app on your phone.
  • Select the point three option in the top right corner and check the desktop site option, so it's so that your Facebook looks like on a computer.
  • Go to the URL ( and Login to your Facebook account with your account.
  • Well, at this point your Facebook home page is like a view on your computer and to the next step.
  • Tap the arrow icon that sits above the rightmost corner and will appear a new option (the loading process is a bit long, because it displays Facebook desktop web).
  • Select settings (if the setting option is not long-standing or loading and then try to display on the Hp Landscape or Horizontal).
  • Then select General in the top left option. Or if you are still confused at this stage can directly enter the URL ( via Google Chrome with a note you have already logged in.
  • At this stage you will be presented with the option to edit your name, username or ID, contacts and so on.
  • Tap Edit on user name and change it to your liking, if in writing the red check ID means that the ID is already using it, replace it with the other name until the green tick.
  • If you've saved changes.

How easy, so many tutorials from me on how to change the ID or Username Facebook, hopefully useful. Thank you and congratulations with the activity.

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