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How to Add Songs in Video Power Director

Video is a digital technology of moving images with multiple visuals connected, such as audio or sound. Music or songs are audio with sound arranged in such a way that contains a tone with a very melodious rhythm and good to hear, so if we have a video without audio there seems to be less and it does not hurt if we Add music or songs on the inside so that the video is more interesting and memorable. For example our sad video fitting love song sad and fitting video glad we love songs that are also happy.

A huge selection of video editor applications for Android in Google Playstore that we can use to add music or songs, among them are applications that already have big names such as Kine Master, Viva Video, Power Director and so forth . In this article, the admin will give you a tutorial on how to add songs or music in the Power Director app.

Ok just right away, before we add the song we need to do is the select stage of the Video we're going to edit.

  1. Open the Power Director app and tap Create Video.
  2. Select the size of the video you want, the admin recommends choose the aspect ratio of 16:9 and name the video to be edited, if it has hit OK.
  3. At this stage you are presented with a folder that is in the form of a video, select or Export the video to be edited by tapping the video folder, then tap the video you want to edit the sound and Tap the Plus icon (+) on the video, (you can add some videos The same way).
  4. If you have tap the arrow icon to go back.
  5. At this stage the video is selected, if the video feels too long you can cut it by way, sliding or dragging the green Line at the beginning or end of the video into.

How to add songs or music to videos in the Power Director app

  • At this stage you've selected the video that you want to edit as the way I've given above.
  • Select the clip video icon and the song tone icon in the top left menu.

Cara Menambahkan Lagu atau Musik di Video Power Director

  • Swipe left to the tone icon and select the Music folder where you've saved the songs you'll add to your video.

Cara Menambahkan Lagu atau Musik di Video Power Director

  • If you've already met a song or music that you want to add, Tap the song title and tap the Plus (+) icon to add a song.

Cara Menambahkan Lagu atau Musik di Video Power Director

  • You can only add up to 2 songs, if more than that result will overlap.
  • To decide on how long you put the song or music in the video, how to slide the video image with a blue vertical line marked as the beginning of the song.
  • If you have tap the arrow icon at the top left to return to the Video editor menu.

A few articles from me on how to add songs or music in the Power Director app, hopefully useful. Thank you for visiting, if anyone who has not yet understood can comment in the place provided.

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